Bandola (PL)


Gender: Female

DOB: 26 March 1948


Breeder: Albigowa Stud PL

Bandola was born on March 26, 1948 at the Polish stud farm in Albigowa. She was sired by Witraz, by the famous Ofir, who also sired Witez II, and Balalajka, by Amurath-Sahib. Balalajka is considered one of the best broodmares in Poland. In the spring of 1951, Bandola was sent to the racetracks in Warsaw where over two years she raced 23 times. A year later, she returned to Albigowa where she first gave birth to premature twins but continued to be a breeding mare. Her breeder, Roman Pankiewicz, also deputy director of Albigowa at the time, described Bandola in these terms:

“Like every beauty, Bandola was a little vain. She has always loved to be admired and seduced by her appearance and distinction. She was, however, very independent, always looking for ways to do things that were forbidden to her. "

In 1961 Albigowa closed its doors Bandola travelled to the stud farm of Janow Podlaski.

Bandola was the full sister of stallion Bask and of Arfa, the mother of Argos, an important stallion in Great Britain for Patricia Lindsay. Her sister 3/4 Bachantka (from Wielki Szlem) had been imported to the United States in 1961 by Varian Arabians, where she was Top Ten Champion and important founder of the Varian program.

Bandola died on her 35th birthday, March 26, 1983. She was buried in a park near Janow next to Czort and Celebes and was honored as the first mare to be listed in very famous Park of Legends


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