Djamila Nadira HA (AU)

Gender: Female

DOB: 4 November 2016

Coat: Grey

Owner: Diamond Road Arabians

Breeder: Catherine Maher

After losing Neshika and her daughter Naahifah, I had tried to make my peace with not being able to incorporate a tail female Naazirah mare into our breeding program. I had always loved Neshika's bay daughter Nehima (by Nazzai), an East Coast Top Five Mare and all-round superstar. I rememer so clearly the day I met her, and although her owner and I talked about me leasing her many times, it did not come to fruition.

In time, Nehima had a daughter, Djamila Nadira however after Nehima's untimely death, I thought my chances of adding her to my stud were over. When her owner Cathy called to say she could be available, I jumped at it.

Djamila Nadira is an incredible young filly with powerful movement and the extraordinary, people-loving nature her family are known for. It is hoped that through her, the Naazirah Family will once again flourish.

DP Aryan El Jamal

MF Aryan El Thessa (US)

JD Chalice (US)

Ludjin EL Jamaal (BR)

JD Splendor

Thessalya El Jamaal (BR)

US National Reserve Champion Stallion

Ali Jamaal (US)

Talya El Hardun (BR)

Ella Noura (US)

El Nabila B (HU)

Kubinec (RU)

218 Elf Layla Walayla B (HU)

C Psyleaha (US)

Padrons Psyche

Gaf Alysha (US)

East Coast Top Five Mare

Nehima (AU)

East Coast Champion

Nazzai (AU)

Australian National Champion


Vision (GB)


Supreme Champion


El Shareef (iid GB)

Nara (iid GB)


Neshan (DE)

Ansata Halim Shah (US)

Noha (DE)


Champion Victorian Classic

Mustafa (DE)

National Grand Champion

Naadirah (GB)