Emmocja (imp US)

Zymeniah (US)

Gender: Female

Coat: Grey

Owner: Lusia Abbott

When well respected breeder Lusia Abbott called and asked if she could send her imported Monogramm daughter Emmocja to our stallion Windemere Imperial Nahdejni, we were both honoured and terrified at once...what if something happened to her while she was here? She was so precious.

Sadly, it was Nahdejni who didnt make it to breeding season that year, and Lusia very kindly offered for us to lease Emmocja for a season to breed to our your colt Naajmir.

Emmocja produced a beautiful filly, the only filly that year in fact, and we named her Elusia in honour of our dear friend Lusia who had leased us the mare, and began a new and exciting family for our stud.

Photos by Samantha Taylor.

Monogramm (US)

Negatraz (US)

Bask (PL)



Negotka (PL)

Negatiw (RU)

Bigotka (PL)

Monogramma (RU)

Knippel (RU)

Korej (RU)

Parfumeria (RU)

Monopolia (RU)

Priboj (RU)

Mammona (PL)

Zymeniah (US)

Diem (PL)

Negatiw (RU)

Naseem (GB)

Taraszcza (PL)

Dimatra (PL)

Wielki Szlem (PL)

Imatra (PL)

Zyrafa (DE)

Abu Afas (PL)

Bad Afas (PL)

Gahdar (PL)

Zygota (PL)

El Trypli (PL)

Znachorka (PL)


Elusia Bint Naajmir (AU)

Elusia Bint Naajmir (AU)

Naajmir X Emmocja (imp US)