Supreme Exhibit Pacific Arabian Affair Show

Moondarra El Tessara

Gender: Male

DOB: 26 October 2016


Breeder: Ian and Deb Watson

A special visitor from Queensland is spending a year at Diamond Road, the Supreme Champion Colt Moondarra El Tessara.

Standing over 15.3hh and so very pretty, this elegant and big-moving horse naturally worked his moves on me, and after many weeks of realising my thoughts were firmly focused on him, he joins us to work that same magic on our collection of lovely mares.

Aside from his good looks, his pedigree is incredibly precious. Sired by Polish, Scottsdale, Las Vegas and US National Champion Pogrom (PL), he is from the glorious white, Michalow bred mare El Tessa (PL).

Pogrom is of course sired by QR Marc, one of the most decorated sires of our time whose pedigree features several of the great Al Shaqab and US bred show stars. His dam Petla is of great interest to us, being the daughter of the Russian bred Visbaden, who stood at the Babolna State Stud. Amongst a group of five mares, Petla's mother was sent Babolna on a breeding trade, when Mark Trela was trying to reintroduce the blood of Kuhailan Ajuz to Poland. Petla was the stand out produce of this exercise, and Visbaden is of particular interest to use as he is the son of the great stallion Naftalin, a grandson of Napraslina, dam of Naadirah.

El Tessara's dam El Tessa is of regal blood, a pedigree steeped in history and success. She is sired by none other than Poganin (Laheeb x Pohulanka) and her dam is El Ghazala, a daughter of Ekstern (Monogramm x Ernestyna) and the great Emigracja (by Palas)...a pedigree that dreams are made of.

We cannot thank Ian and Deb Watson enough for their generosity...cheers to the future, it looks bright indeed.

US National Champion Stallion

Pogrom (PL)

World Champion

QR Marc (US)

World Champion

Marwan Al Shaqab (QA)

Gazal Al Shaqab (QA)

Little Liza Fame (US)

Swete Dreams (US)

Magic Dream CAHR

Kouream De Ment (US)

Petla (PL)

Visbaden (RU)

Naftalin (RU)

Presnia (RU)

Petra (PL)

Pepton (PL)

Pestka (PL)

El Tessa (PL)

2007 Polish National Champion Stallion

Poganin (PL)

Laheeb (US)

Imperial Imdal (US)

AK Latifa (US)

Pohulanka (PL)

Pepton (PL)

Pestka (PL)

El Ghazala (PL)

Polish National Champion

Ekstern (PL)

Monogramm (US)

Ernestyna (PL)

Emigracja (PL)

Palas (RU)

Emisja (PL)


Nidah Al Maas

Nidah Al Maas

Moondarra El Tessara X Djamila Nadira HA (AU)

Nayala Al Maas (AU)

Nayala Al Maas (AU)

Moondarra El Tessara X Fazenda Za'jarne


Diamond Road Puccini

Diamond Road Puccini

Moondarra El Tessara X Palma El Ameira (iid PL)

Diamond Road Neptune

Diamond Road Neptune

Moondarra El Tessara X Neytiri (AU)

Naadan (AU)

Naadan (AU)

Moondarra El Tessara X Adana Al Nadira