East Coast Champion


Gender: Female

DOB: 20 October 1982


Breeder: Tanya Hawley

Naazarah was purchased by Kim Casali and shown extensively winning East Coast Champion, Australian Champion Top Ten, Victorian Classic and Reserve at the Queensland Challenge. The year she was Champion Mare at the 1988 East Coast Championships she was shown one week later for a Top Ten at the Australian Arabian Championships. It was at East Coast this year when I was a small child that I met Naazarah. I remember her vividly, she was so tall and beautiful, and she was calling out over her stable door. I remember Tanya telling me that I may pat her...it was very important to a young horse mad child to have this experience.

Today her influence is mainly through her son Shahrouk (by Neshan) and the son of her daughter Sharaya - Final Edition, bred by Castlebar Arabians. Her daughter Sea Nymph by Nile had only one foal Sardar by Guiliano.

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