Simeon Shavit

Anaza Bay Shahh (US)

Gender: Female

DOB: 2 August 1997

Coat: Bay

Owner: Diamond Road Arabians

Breeder: Marion Richmond

Simeon Shavit is one of Australia's most well respected broodmares, dam of the head stallion at Simeon today, Simeon Shifran.

Simeon Shavit is also the dam of one of my favourite straight Egyptian mares of all time, Simeon Salit, recently exported to the USA.

Like Ibtehag Albadeia before her, Simeon Shavit has come to Diamond Road for her retirement and it is hoped that like Ibtehag, Shavit will give us one or two more foals to create a legacy here at our farm.

Simeon Shavit has huge, dark eyes, excellent legs and feet with a level topline and huge movement. She has a curious habit of spending much of her time looking into the distance, head and tail raised high...she knows she is a queen.

Photos by Stuart Vesty and Scott Trees

Reserve National Champion Stallion

Anaza Bay Shahh (US)

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Australian National Champion

27 Ibn Galal V (HU)

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Simeon Salit (exp US)

Simeon Salit (exp US)

Asfour (DE) X Simeon Shavit


Simeon Shifran

Simeon Shifran

Asfour (DE) X Simeon Shavit