Adana Al Nadira

Gender: Female

DOB: 12 September 2007


Owner: Diamond Road Arabians

Breeder: David Gillett

Adana Al Nadira has the honour of being the first purebred Arabian bred by our stud. A gorgeous filly with a tiny head and extreme width between the eyes, she has matured into a tall, milky white mare of great beauty.

Standing just shy of 15.2hh, Adana has been bred from sparingly, as she been in demand as a pleasure mount on our farm. Her foals, though few in number, have been of exceptional quality.

Her first daughter Giselle V, was bred when Adana was leased to Tanya Hosking . Tanya bred her to the Champion stallion Ghazal Ibn Estopa, who was sired by the World Champion Estasan Ibn Estopa, from the great beauty Windella Silver Sequin. An alabaster white mare like her mother, Giselle V has been an exceptional show mare with many wins to her credit, including 2018 NSW State Titles Champion Mare and 2019 Victorian Classic Champion Mare. She was also Top Ten Junior Filly at the Australian National Championships, equal on points to the Bronze Champion.

Breeding Record
Giselle V - 2012 Grey Mare by Ghazal Ibn Estopa (Estasan Ibn Estopa x Windella Silver Sequin)
Grace Park Naahyer - 2015 Grey Gelding by Sabtah Nassor (Desperado x Clifton Park Nefisa)
Nassar Ibn Vesuvio - 2019 Bay Gelding by Vesuvio (Azteq LBA x Valouria)
Naadan - 2021 Bay Gelding by Moondarra El Tessara (Pogrom x El Tessa)
Bred to Titanium FX (Ekstern X Funkia) for 2023

Afrikah ERA

Sanadik El Shaklan

El Shaklan (DE)

Shaker El Masri (EG)

Estopa (ES)

Mohena (DE)

Hadban Enzahi (EG)

Morisca V (DE)

Arabian Park Egyptian Echo

Arabian Prk Faraz (US)

Farazdac (EG)

Sabah El Kheir (EG)

Rafter G. Charisma (US)

Ansata El Salim (US)

Faaraa (US)

Naasama BGA

Amir El Shaklan (GB)

El Shaklan (DE)

Shaker El Masri (EG)

Estopa (ES)

Sascha (DE)

Saher (DE)

Smoky (DE)

Naadya exp/imp NZ

El Shareef (iid GB)

The Shah

Shareefa (DE)

National Grand Champion

Naadirah (GB)

Aswan (EG)

British National Champion Mare

Napraslina (RU)


Giselle V

2019 Victorian Classic Champion Mare

Giselle V

Ghazal Ibn Estopa X Adana Al Nadira


Naadan (AU)

Naadan (AU)

Moondarra El Tessara X Adana Al Nadira

Nassar Ibn Vesuvio

Nassar Ibn Vesuvio

Vesuvio X Adana Al Nadira