2019 Victorian Classic Champion Mare

Giselle V

Gender: Female

DOB: 12 August 2012


Owner: Tanya Hosking

Breeder: A & T Geyteman

Giselle V is the first born foal of Adana Al Nadira. When her breeders were looking for a great mare to breed to a stallion they were leasing at the time, the twice Australian Champion Ghazal Ibn Estopa, we agreed to lease Adana Al Nadira with the hope that the foal would be something extra special.

The grey filly that was born, Giselle V, has more than fulfilled those expectations.

Giselle did well in the show ring as a youngster...she was Top Ten at the Australian Championships as a Junior Filly, equal on points to the eventual Bronze Championship winner, and she was Champion Filly at the National Capital Show. As an adult mare though, she truly shone and was crowned Champion Mare at the NSW State Titles, and Champion Mare at the Victorian Classic. The most wonderful aspect of this mares show ring career however has been the number of positive comments about her...her classic type, her ethereal and regal appearance, and most wonderful of all, how it was so good to see a mare of her quality and standing back in the show ring.

Australian National Champion

Ghazal Ibn Estopa

World Champion

Estasan Ibn Estopa (DE)

Ibn Estopa (DE)

Shaker El Masri (EG)

Estopa (ES)

Bint Estawa (DE)

Malik (DE)

1980 European Champion Senior Mare

Estawa (ES)

Windella Silver Sequin (AU)

Australian National Reserve Champion

SK Shakla Khan (US)

Sanadik El Shaklan

Sun King Raindrop (US)

Silver Glint (GB)

El Shaklan (DE)

Silver Shimmer (GB)

Adana Al Nadira

Afrikah ERA

Sanadik El Shaklan

El Shaklan (DE)

Mohena (DE)

Arabian Park Egyptian Echo

Arabian Prk Faraz (US)

Rafter G. Charisma (US)

Naasama BGA

Amir El Shaklan (GB)

El Shaklan (DE)

Sascha (DE)

Naadya exp/imp NZ

El Shareef (iid GB)

National Grand Champion

Naadirah (GB)

Show results


Naasir Al Badr

East Coast Champion

Naasir Al Badr

Ulysium (US) X Giselle V