Gender: Male

Coat: Grey

The personification of 'TYPE', Naajmir is everything we dreamed he could be.

Bred in partnership with Ben and Myra Kelly of Victoria Park Arabians, Naajmir was the first time we had hoped and prayed for a colt foal. While witnessing his birth, upon the presentation of his head I made the natural assumption he was a filly, such was the exquisite design of his head.

Naajmir has matured into a fine young stallion with many sought after qualities that are being passed onto his foals. A true fairytale Arabian with excellent legs and feet, and plenty of 'snort and blow', we look forward to breeding more of our young mares to him.

Ajman Moniscione (IT)

WH Justice (US)

Magnum Psyche

Padrons Psyche

A Fancy Miracle (US)

Vona Sher-renea (US)

El Sher-mann (US)


Anthea Moniscione (IT)

Padrons Ghibli (US)

US National Champion Stallion

Padron (NL)

Santanas Dalight (US)

Armonia (IT)

Akstzn (US)

Anette (US)

Sabtah Nahlah (AU)

Australian National Champion

WN Dasjmir (US)

GG Samir (US)

Jacio (ES)

Alhaja (ES)

Arawiszja (US)

Derwisz (PL)

Aralous (US)

Clifton Park Nefisa

National Grand Champion


Champion Victorian Classic

Mustafa (DE)

Nara (iid GB)

Australian National Reserve Champion


Vision (GB)

Supreme Champion



Elusia Bint Naajmir (AU)

Elusia Bint Naajmir (AU)

Naajmir X Emmocja (imp US)


Khaled Ibn Naajmir (AU)

Khaled Ibn Naajmir (AU)

Naajmir X Ibtehag Albadeia (EG)