Naajmir x Azuraa

After purchasing four of the best horses from the Syrah dispersal sale, and having great success with breeding Vesuvio (Azteq LBA x Valouria) to our Naadirah Family mares, we have been lucky enough to lease the mare Azuraa, who features many of the most influential Syrah horses from over the years.

In a reverse of using Vesuvio over our Naadirah Family mares, we have bred Azuraa to the exotic Naajmir.


Ajman Moniscione (IT)

WH Justice (US)

Magnum Psyche

Vona Sher-renea (US)

Anthea Moniscione (IT)

Padrons Ghibli (US)

Armonia (IT)

Sabtah Nahlah (AU)

Australian National Champion

WN Dasjmir (US)

GG Samir (US)

Arawiszja (US)

Clifton Park Nefisa

National Grand Champion


Australian National Reserve Champion


Azuraa (AU)

Australian National Champion

Eklipse (AU)

Valor (AU)

TR Viktor

Salida (AU)

Tarlea Ellabrandi (AU)

Australian National Champion

Sanadik Ibn Estopa (US)

Karisma (AU)

Azmara (AU)

Australian National Champion

Azteq LBA (US)

Gazal Al Shaqab (QA)

Amelia B

Azima (AU)

Australian National Champion

Sarezin (AU)

Amira El Marieshahh (AU)