Palma El Ameira (iid PL)

Gender: Female

DOB: 3 March 2007

Coat: Grey

Owner: Diamond Road Arabians

Breeder: Janow Podlaski State Stud

The only progeny of Ecaho in Australia, Palma El Amiera was imported in utero from Janow Podlaski when her dam was purchased at the annual Pride of Poland Auction in 2006.

Palma is full sister to one of the most decorated show mares in Polish history, the great Palmeta, Polish National, Junior Spring Show & Warsaw Summer Show Champion Filly and European Champion Mare, Polish National Top Five Champion Mare & World Top Ten Champion Mare. Since retiring from the show ring, Palmeta has gone to be an incredible producer, with her fillies being auctioned for up to 400,000 euro at the Pride of Poland.

Palma exhibits all of the traits that her family is known for, being a beautiful head with large dark eyes, extreme power in movement and excellent legs and feet. She has produced one daughter for us, and will be bred again in 2020.

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Palisa DRA (AU)

Vesuvio X Palma El Ameira (iid PL)