Pilica (PL)

Gender: Female


PILICA, a regular class Top Five finalist at the Polish Nationals and one of the better producing daughters of the famous mare PIPI. Pilica was inexplicably sold at the 2006 Pride of Poland Sale, a sale that moved Shirley Watts to reportedly say 'a queen etc'. However Europe's loss would turn into Australia's gain, when Pilica produced two daughters in her new home, including the regal beauty Palma, by ECAHO.

Pilica is the dam to PALMETA (by Ecaho), Polish National, Junior Spring Show & Warsaw Summer Show Champion Filly and European Champion Mare, Polish National Top Five Champion Mare & World Top Ten.

PILICA’s daughters have also proven themselves as good producers with Junior Spring Show & Polish National Champion Filly PALABRA and Junior Spring Show Champion Filly PALATINA (both out of PALMETA) and Junior Spring Show Top Five Champion Filly PERESPA (out of POLENTA).

Polish National Champion

Fawor (PL)

Probat (SE)

Pohaniec (PL)

Comet (PL)

Planeta (PL)

Swedish National Champion Mare

Borexia (SE)

Exelsjor (PL)

Bogoria (PL)

Fatma (PL)

Anarchista (PL)

Wielki Szlem (PL)

Bomba (PL)

Forta (PL)

Kuhailan Abu Urkub (HU)

Porta (PL)

Polish National Champion

Pipi (PL)

Banat (PL)

El Azrak (PL)

Bandola (PL)



Pilarka (PL)

Palas (RU)

Aswan (EG)

Panel (RU)

Pierzga (PL)

Negatiw (RU)

Piewica (RU)


Palma El Ameira (iid PL)

Palma El Ameira (iid PL)

Ecaho (PL) X Pilica (PL)

Palmera (PL)

Palmera (PL)

Pesal (PL) X Pilica (PL)

Palmeta (PL)

Palmeta (PL)

Ecaho (PL) X Pilica (PL)